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Plenty of great sunsets
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FOR RESERVATIONS at:  Torchlight Resort,  Central Lake, MI  49622 click on renter page    on the left column of this page then select the unit you are interested in renting. There are 8 units total which are all individually owned and operated. Your web site request will be sent to the appropriate owners.



The links below are historical slide shows of TorchLight Resort . The file in PFF file format will require that you have Adobe Reader installed in your PC. If you don't have Adober Reader there is also an option to download and install this software. It is a free producct. The EXE file is an automated slide show that will download to your desktop. When download completes go to your desktop and double click the ICON. 


 Historical PDF Slide Show

 Historical EXE Slide Show



 Where The Rainbow Stores It’s Colors

If you are interested in renting at Torchlight Resort click here. If you still have other questions click here, or to contact the WebMaster.      

   Lake Statistics 

The lake is long and narrow. It is 19 miles long with an average width of 1.65 miles and a maximun width of 2.85 miles. There are 42 miles of pristine shoreline and a depth of  330 feet. The water is very caribean in appearance with shades of blue and green and is extremely clear. The surface area is 18,473 acres with a watershed area of 275 square miles and 3,230,765, 000 cubic meters of volume. There are 47 Tributaries. The shoreline has 1,737 Parcels of which 78% are developed and there are 48 public access parcels. The lake classification is Oligotrophic. The area has many other surrounding lakes but not as nice as Torch Lake. Some of the more popular lakes are, Elsworth, Hanley, St Clair, Wilson, Benway, Six Mile, Scott's, Beals, Intermediate, Bellaire, Clam, Skegemog, and Elk.


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August 12, 2010
Guest Blog
  This blog is provided for all web site guest for any questions or comments you may have. Just click on add comment and submit your information.

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Feb-28 2:19pm

<a href="">hello there.</a>


Feb-28 5:37pm

Hi Jane, Thanks for visiting the TLCA Web site. I didn't see a question or comments from you. Is there anything I can help you with?

Dana Kregling

Aug-6 3:50pm

My wife and I are looking to get away for a weekend and was wondering what the rate per night or weekend rate was for one of the cabins on Torch lake. rnWould someone call or email rates?rnrnBest regards,rnrnDana & Matilde Kreglingrn(517)612-9186 - personal cell #

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